Luxor Egyptian & European Film Festival

Luxor Egyptian & European Film Festival

We were responsible for the second edition of the Luxor Egyptian & European Film Festival [LFF] in Luxor in 2014. Although this was our first film festival, yet it is still the closest to our hearts.

PR Opportunity

When the LFF launched a year earlier, there wasn't an organized PR support due to budget limitations. So there was a lot of expectations from both organizers and sponsors. Throughout the 10-day event, pre and post, we handled press conferences, daily briefings, workshops; regular media updates on activities, events and changes. We invited 87 media to Luxor; and were also responsible for all media queries and press logistics.

The Result

From pre-launch, throughout the event in Luxor; to post event media relations, the media coverage across all media outlets featured 28 radio channels, 30 magazine articles, 50 TV coverage, 155 newspaper articles; and over 500 online articles - all generating a PR value worth of over $2.5 million.

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