How we created empathy for the brand by being true to its promise 

Following IKEA’s entry in Egypt in 2013, we were fortunate to be their first PR partner leading the launch in the Egyptian market. IKEA's catalogue launch is usually the most important event of the year, so we wanted to illustrate what the brand stands for “to create a better everyday life for the many people”, while creating emotional connection with its consumers, a clear brand identity and grow customer loyalty.


PR Opportunity

We collaborated with one of the most popular and viewed TV talk shows in Egypt ‘Maokom’ by Mona Al-Shazly, where IKEA would help families who have triplets and quadruplets; and struggling with small room sizes for a total makeover of their children's bedrooms.


The Result

The TV show FB page, with over 15 million followers, was used to recruit the target families, which set the stage for the events to come. Three episodes featured ‘the before and after stories’ with free TV studio branding for IKEA, video shoots showing IKEA's staff journey from the showroom collecting products to the families and the actual makeover of the rooms - with clear branding all the way. Total views of the three episodes exceeded 1 million views and was also covered by the local media.

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