European Union Delegation to Egypt

European Union Delegation to Egypt

The story of Sultan Qaitbay's iconic transformation 

We worked with the European Union Delegation in Egypt through its cultural programs, shedding light on the diversity of arts & culture; as well as the restoration of some of the iconic heritage sites in Egypt. We’ve also been part of showcasing talented entrepreneurs working in diverse areas including music, education and visual arts.

PR Opportunity

Amongst more than 10 events we worked on with the EU, the transformation of the ‘City of the Dead’, the Sultan Qaitbay Area, had a special place in our hearts. Not only for the restoration of its beautiful architect, library and surrounding facilities; but also for supporting the local community and its artisans' craftsmanship, famous for hand-blown glass, silver inlay, brass, silver jewelry, mother-of-pearl inlays, turned-wood furniture and more.

The Result

For this particular event, we had great coverage with leading media including Reuters, Associated Press and TV channels amongst others, totaling to 102 media articles.

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